How do I reduce lag on my Minecraft server?

Change server version
If you are using a version above 1.12.2, it will make a LOT of difference if you change the version to a stable version. (Everything under 1.12.2)

Resolving / Avoiding Errors
Some plugins give errors and can cause lagg problems on the server. For this reason, we always recommend to resolve all errors.

Remove unnecessary plugins & worlds
By removing unnecessary plugins and worlds, the server will have to use less resources, which can prevent lagg.

Server upgrade
Due to the excessive use of resources, the server sometimes says that it can no longer handle it, causing the server to crash & lag.
This can be solved very easily by upgrading the server.

Lower the view distance
This can be prevented by reducing the view distance in a server. View distance determines the number of blocks a player can view in the server. This can be set lower in, ArmyHost itself recommends setting it to 5 lower is of course always better.

world border
By using a worldborder, players cannot load an infinite amount, which means that the server will also be less lagging.
The worldborder plugin can be downloaded by (clicking here).

Restart server
It is always good to restart the server every 12 hours, for example.
This ensures that all the loaded terrain on the server is deleted.

Anti-lag plugins
By using anti-lag plugins, the server needs to use much less performance, so that lagg can be prevented.
Here are a few plugins that can help with that.
- ClearLag
- LaggRemover

Optimized configuration
It may help by optimizing Spigot.yml/Bukkit.yml/paper.yml, do this by following the following article tps-improve-performance.217260/ or

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